D&D Kustom Collision Inc. was established in 1994 by a hardworking, determined young man.  He started out his business in a single car garage, there he built his reputation with quality workmanship and personalized service.  In the beginning he did not have the means for top of the line equipment to aid in custom and collision repairs, so he made do with tools purchased from local hardware stores.

As the customer base grew, so did the need for more space.  In 1998, he purchased a house/shop combination.  Although drastic, this would prove to be one of the best decisions he could have ever made.  This two story building was exactly what he needed to kick his goals into high gear.  The shop was located in the backyard of the house and proved to be worth every effort involved.  It was comprised of a two car garage space with a loft and one bathroom.  To make sure things were done to his perfection, the founder of D&D Kustom Collision Inc. did all of the remodeling himself, he turned the garage into a one car paint booth complete with a mixing area, air lines, and even exhaust.  D&D Kustom Collision Inc. was now on its way to helping more customers realize their automotive dreams.

By the beginning of 1999 the customer base had grown.  It was time for D&D to grow too, not just as a business, but also as a family.

In August of 1999, D&D Kustom Collision Inc. leased the rear body shop of the Bob Maddox Chrysler/Jeep dealership.  This was ideal for D&D Kustom Collision Inc. A 9000 sq ft facility offered the space it needed to take on more projects.  All D&D Kustom Collision Inc. had to do was furnish the building with equipment.  Even with the new surroundings, there were still hurdles to overcome.  A thirty year old paint booth came with the building.  It would take a lot more hard work to get D&D Kustom Collision Inc.where it needed to be.

Everyone at D&D enjoyed the benefits of all the hard work and determination put forth in the company.  In 2003, it was time to expand again.  So D&D Kustom Collision Inc. bought the remainder of the Bob Maddox property.  D&D Kustom Collision Inc. was now 50,000+ sq ft facility.  Along with the new building space, a new paint booth system was purchased, making the D&D Kustom Collision Inc. shop complete.  It was the ideal environment.  The body shop was separate from the paint department.  Everything was falling into place.

Then the unexpected happened.

On January 21, 2004 a fire ripped through the D&D body shop.  It destroyed 75% of the building and its contents.  All of the hard work put into D&D Kustom Collision Inc. went up in flames.  Everything would have to be rebuilt from the ground up.  Instead of tucking their tails and giving up, D&D Kustom Collision Inc. rose to the challenge.

D&D Kustom Collision Inc. took all of the necessary measures to ensure that the doors would remain open to our valued customers.  For the next year, while the damaged body shop was repaired, everyone toughed it out in the new paint department.  Although it was cramped with three body men, one painter, and several helpers, D&D Kustom Collision Inc. made it work.  Exactly one year to the day of the fire, the body shop was back in service.  D&D Kustom Collision Inc. was once again complete.

While hard work and determination have made D&D Kustom Collision Inc. what it is today, it would be nothing without its customers.  It’s because of our loyal customers that it is possible to continue to serve you, our future customer.


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This is hands down the best collision place in all of McDonough. they do great work at fair prices & only charge you for what really needs fixing or replacing.

Lisa K.

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No better car
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